How does it work?

Do you always take your water bottle during exercise? How great would it be if your water container is a one-of-a-kind and looks exactly like you want it?  If you play a team sport, you must have wasted much time by trying finding your own bottle amongst those of your teammates? When you design your own sports bottle you will always find it back in no time!  Are you looking for a gift that is both creative and original?  surprise your friend with a self-designed sportsbottle!

Choose your own sports bottle
Designing your own sports bottle at is simple. To make things easy for yourself you can select one of our existing templates.  They are available in our designing tool. Adjust the colouring and drag and drop elements so that your bottle is completely unique!

Let’s go to step one!
Choose below which sports bottle you prefer. You can choose for a big bottle (750 ML) or the smaller version (500 ML). Both sports bottles can be fully adapted to your own liking.