About us

Myownsportsbottle.com is a daughter company of IamYOUP. YOUP stands for Your Own Unique Product. IamYOUP was founded by people with a vision. We believe that objects such as sports- or wine bottles do not have to look ordinary. Because at IamYOUP we value diversity, we like to enable people to personalize these objects so that they can be carried with flair and pride.

IamYOUP makes it possible to fully customize sports bottles and crates. With our creative, innovative and flexible team, which always strives for delivering the highest quality, we make sure that your bottles and crates are designed the way you want it; completely tailored to your needs and demands! We are the first company to use a new printing technique, enabling us to print any thinkable image in high fidelity to your bottle.

How does this new digital printing technique work?

We have a printing press that is very similar to your own desktop printer.
Because of that, we do not have to reset the machine after each press. It is not necessary to print large numbers before the objects becomes affordable. You ask for one bottle, we will deliver you one bottle for an honest price. This is a huge advantage if you consider how much money is saved on unnecessary default prints etc. Suddenly, having your own personal sports bottle is within arm’s reach and affordable!

This printing technique has been popular for a number of years. Just think of what is allready available when it comes to cell-phone cases, picture books, etc. However, at IamYOUP we are proud to possess the first digital printing machine for round and oval surfaces!