Frequently asked questions

For private customers the products will be delivered within 6 working days. For commercial customers, the delivery period may last up to three to four weeks.

At you can customize your sport bottle. We offer a simple, comprehensible editing tool that enables you to customize your sports bottle from scratch! You can add images, text, and colours. It is also possible to add QR- or bar codes on your self-designed sports bottle.

At it is not possible to return your product. This is because you will receive a personalised product. During your editing process, we ask you to carefully examine your own design. Scan your bottle for mistakes before rounding of your order. Once the order has been placed, the bottle will be made and delivered exactly the way you designed it. Any mistakes cannot be made undone.

Payment is done online in a secured environment. Available methods of payment are Ideal, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa or Emaestro.

The digital printer at IamYOUP works very similar to the way your desktop printer works. All available colours are made from only four cartridges: Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These colours combined can make all perceivable colours.

Because of the way our printer works, we do not have to reset the machine after each press. This means that wedo not have to print large numbers of the same object before it becomes viable. This is a huge advantage if you consider how much money is saved on unnecessary default prints etc. Suddenly, having your own personal sports bottle is within arm’s reach and affordable! was founded with the mission to give people the possibility to design their own sports bottles. Each bottle ordered in our web store can be made unique for each customer, even if the order consists of a large amount of bottles. On our home page you are to select whether you are ordering bottles for private or commercial use. The next step is to select a bottle size (500ML or 750 ML). When you have done this we will ask you how many bottles you would like to order. Also you can decide about the colour of the lid and cap. Then you can select if you would like’ unique products’ or not. By enabling this feature, each bottle you will order will have unique elements. Once you have run through all these options, we will ask you to select one of the four themes. Don’t worry if you do not like any of the themes, you can customize each of the themes to the way you like it. In the designing stage you can adjust everything to your own liking. For example, you can add, remove and edit pictures, text and colours. Once you have finished your design, you can indicate which of the elements should appear differently and uniquely on each ordered bottle. You can also watch the video below all the steps are explained.

The best result to clean your bottle is in a dishwasher. If the bottle is to long exposed to water the print will dissolve, this doesn’t happen in a dishwasher. There is a chance, as with any printed object, that the bottles start to fade slightly after having them washed about 40 times.

Shipment within The Netherlands € 6,95
Shipments to Belgium € 6,95
Shipment to Germany € 9,95